Monday, August 26, 2013

Android (Goldfish) kernel development

Finally, back to this :-)

Lately, I have being developing a new project which basically needs some kernel changes on Android Goldfish kernel. Initially, I thought that this would be something like "traditional" kernel development, but NOT. Android kernel is, of course, a Linux kernel but it has some peculiarities that impact on the development phase.

[NOTE] I'd rather provide a link to the source that I used than replicating the same information.

So, I split my experience into the following topics:
  1. Building Android ICS
  2. Building/Running Android Goldfish kernel 
  3. Creating a Goldfish kernel module
  4. Adding new syscalls into the Goldfish kernel

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Would you be interested and willing to create a custom Android kernel for me that would expose methods to access the in-call audio (Rx and Tx)?

If so then how can I reach you?