Monday, May 26, 2008

Week of Mobility

Brazil! The red dots are the cities where INdT had promoted several talks, trainings and also the programming arena at International Forum of Free Software. More information, visit

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Next city: Curitiba

Week of Mobility is up and running!! Our new destination is Curitiba, a nice city in South of Brazil. I´m very anxious about this event: we´ll certainly produce great results, such as interesting applications! As on previous editions, the Week of Mobility on Curitiba consists of talks about maemo platform, embedded Linux and Python for S60. There´re also trainings on maemo and Python for S60. The students will have access to Nokia N800 Internet Tablet to test their applications, that are developed during the training. If you´re interested in it and would like more information about it, visit .

Monday, May 5, 2008

ESbox: almost there

We are just performing some minor changes in ESbox for finally releasing version 1.4, which is working quite fine. I got realized how a tool such ESbox helps the programmer a lot just some days ago. On maemo workshops promoted by INdT, I could see how much newbies on maemo platform suffered for running a simple "Hello World" application even in Python.

In fact, the problem is not just how to compile the application, but also how to install, configure and use a command-line-based programming environment. It is important to provide good development tool to support a certain open source technology, otherwise its community will not grow up considerably - ESbox comes to solve such problem. For more information about it, visit

Thanks a lot Ed Swartz and Ling Wang for such great job and also the valuable lessons about Eclipse plug-in development.