Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mica Framework

Maybe, you've already heard about ESbox and PluThon IDEs for maemo development. They have a lot of things in common: remote launching/debugging, Debian package generation/installation, and much more. But why two different products? Because ESbox needs Scratchbox, but PluThon does not.

That's right... I got it. But since ESbox and PluThon have some features in common, why don't we create a common framework? And so we did :)

Mica (Maemo Integration Common Architecture) framework does not only provide a common architecture for ESbox and PluThon, but also a common plugin architecture for developing maemo development environments based on Eclipse.

If you're planning to create a plugin for Eclipse framework in order to help other maemo developers, you can use Mica. On its official site, you can access useful documentation such as architecture and developer's guide. If you need any other example, you can check Mica-Plugins project. For example, a plugin that finds the Internet Tablets available.

You, as Mica/ESbox/PluThon user/developer, can contribute a lot with such projects! Please, report your suggestions, doubts and any other comments to eclipse-integration at maemo dot org.