Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pluthon - how to easily create debian packages


IDE Integration Beta 2 has been released, including Pluthon Beta 2 release :)

Since PluThon uses Internet Tablet environment as programming environment, most of programming tasks (except coding) are performed on your device. Then, launching/debugging are done directly on Internet Tablet.

Generally, we use distutils utilities for pymaemo to generate Debian packages on device. On this method, you need to create a setup.py script and insert a lot of information regarding to your project. You may face some problem during your first experience on debian package creation or even you may forget to insert some important information. Once your setup.py is properly created, you need to generate your debian package using pymaemo python interpreter.

PluThon also helps you to create Debian package from your project with distutils for maemo utilities. With helpfull graphical wizards, you can create Debian packages from your projects at a glance ;) For more information about this interesting feature, you can check it at PluThon User´s Help.

Try PluThon and give us your feedback!!