Friday, October 26, 2012


After a loooong break, I am back to this. I have to confess that I had had several new/cool stuff during this pause: new projects, mind-blowing findings, exciting/stressful experiences, lovely/irritating people. And all of this had consumed a lot of my free time. I am not saying that I hadn´t had time at all: I had done some new/different things with such slots of time than only writing about technical stuff.

Well, but anyway, let´s keep track of new stuff. The main reason to start blogging again was the simply fact that I am not used to describe all solutions for tricky problems in general: how to cross-compile certain applications for ARM devices, how to set up a smart CI environment, and so forth. I swear I have tried it really hard, but my evil side always tells to myself: "if you need it some other day, you will remember it". So, this is also a kind of "Raul´s Recipes Book".

I am really convinced that it will work :-)

As part of my next posts, I will describe a bit more about how lovely is a CI environment for a relative huge project (of course, how you can set up all of this and put the pieces together). Specially, when it has such different clients, such as iOS, Android and QT applications.