Friday, November 14, 2008

ESbox/PluThon 2.0.0M1 Released!

Since the lastest release of ESbox/PluThon (on July 2008), IDE integration team haven't released any other version of the projects (ESbox, PluThon and PC Connectivity). Then, since July 2008, we have been planning, designing and developing the newest 2nd Edition of IDE Integration.

ESbox/PluThon 2.0.0M1 have been released today, including new functionalities and a huge, interesting and well-done refactoring of architecture. Now, both ESbox and PluThon share a common framework, which was designed also to be used as developing maemo development environments based on Eclipse.

Besides ESbox and PluThon, IDE Integration also consists of PC connectivity ( and maemo SDK virtual image (

One interesting feature of this first alpha release is support the integration with RSE Eclipse project, which provides heterogeneous remote resources through a concept of pluggable subsystems.